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How can we deactivate Handling Unit number generation during automatic packing ?

Jan 22 at 10:40 AM


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we are implementing packing process, but do not need handling unit generation while auto packing. The system is generating a handling unit no. as per our current settings we cannot create a handling Unit or change, but can only see the display of Handling Unit generation which gets created while autopacking. Please help.

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jan 22 at 10:59 AM

Not really sure what problem you have with a generated number.

how would you expect the automatic packaging be visible in your process if it is not stored? And if it is stored then it has to have a number to find it in a table. the tables is for example VEKP

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Thanks a lot. I tried doing the same. I see Handling unit getting created, but cannot create or change via HU02 transaction Code. Is there any specific OSS note as we want confirmation if its the correct solution ?


Can you explain what you want in HU02 if you don't use Handling Unit Management, just packaging.

And why you need an OSS note to tell you that you must not use HU02 if you are not using Handling Unit Management?

How can you expect a confirmation for a solution that you have not sufficiently explained here. you just said "implementing packing process"

A confirmation that it work well has to be given by your client after functional and integration test.