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Jan 24, 2018 at 12:43 AM

How do I modify the MsSSuspendCheck period?


Good Morning Everyone,

I am wanting to change the MsSSuspendCheck period from 40 seconds before disconnect to 20 seconds on a Java (WCEM) system. For example, the following message is presented in the dev_ms log in the work directory:

[Thr 70366791234256] MsSSuspendCheck: C0 (J2EE33759852), no write within 40 secs, disconnect now

I would like to change this so that the node is disconnected in 20 seconds.

According to the SAP Note 1645622 this is driven by the profile parameter ms/suspend_check (default value: 40) however the note indicates this is for an ABAP system.

I've tried setting that parameter in the profile at the operating system and done a full system restart but that doesn't seem to have worked. Additionally, I can't see any appropriate settings in the configtool.

Any advice would be appreciated.