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May 20, 2008 at 01:21 AM

Background Parallel processes too slow , need suggestions


This question is about efficiency of dialog process compared to inefficiency of the background process and I want suggestions from SAP Basis/BI experts on this.

We have observed that our background processes on BI server are not running as efficiently as we would like them to run.

For example

DSO activation:

When I use u201CDialogu201D mode for DSO Activation with 3 parallel processes, I can activate a certain DSO with in 15 seconds. But the same DSO and the same data package when activated using u201Cbackgroundu201D mode with 3 parallel process takes about 15 minutes.(there are plenty of background processes available on the system when this activation is running). So dialog process runs 60 times faster than background process.

In BI 7 most of the operations can be executed only in the background parallel mode. And from the activation example we know that our background processes are not as efficient as dialog processes. It

is understood that in general the background processes will not be as efficient as dialog processes, but in our case the difference is a factor of 60. We want help to identify, why the background processes are not as efficient as dialog processes. What SAP Basis settings need to be changed to make them as efficient as we can. Any suggestion or help will be highly appreciated.