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May 19, 2008 at 08:57 PM

Legato + SAP: Help on Configuring Incremental Backups


Hi All,

This is our Infrastructure:


Windows: 2003 Server

Oracle 10G

We want to implement an Online Backup Strategic, for example:

From Monday to Thursday an incremental backup.

Friday: an Online Full Backup.

In teory legato delegates the responsability of the Backups on the BR*Tools utilities. Previously we had set the backup_mode parameter (in the initSID>.sap file) to FULL and through legato configuration you can set: FULL or INCR. But probably legato send a order to the SAP BRTOOLS and the SAP BRTOOLS try to use the initSID>.sap file that is set to FULL in consecuence you aren't sure about what type of backup did you have. there any oficcial documentation about this Legato + SAP? And how to configure SAP with legato?

One posible solution is to set From Monday to Thursday the backup_mode parameter to INCR. and Friday set it to FULL

If somebody has configured the Backups with legato, please some


Best Regards,

Erick Ilarraza