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DS 1.6 Unknown error when loading data sources in script

Hi all,

I created an application with six data sources which initially had a very poor startup performance. Three data sources are needed on the start page, the other three data sources on a detailed page. All data sources contain the same variable on an authorization relevant characteristic ("Territory").

I changed the following to improve the performance:

- Set "merge prompts" to false

- Deleted all but one variables (from DS_1) from variable container. So when starting the application the user enters a value for DS_1, all other variables are derived from this value.

- DS_1, DS_2 & DS_3 have setting "load in script = false", all other DS have "load in script = true"; all data sources have their own processing group.

- On before prompts submit: set variable value for the remaining DS (2-3) from the start page:

DS_2.setVariableValueExt("XYZ", DS_1.getVariableValueExt("XYZ"));

- On Background Processing: Load data sources 4-6 and set variable value, e.g.:


DS_6.setVariableValueExt("XYZ", DS_1.getVariableValueExt("XYZ"));

- On Startup:


This approach accelerated the start up from >1 min to 5 secs.

Unfortunately it only works for users who have full authorization for all territories.

Users who are restricted to one territory (or one hierarchy node) can start the application, enter the variable value, then the application terminates with "unknown error".

From this i derive that it is linked to an authorization issue. I added an alert and can see that all variable values are set correct when the data sources finished loading. So I guess it has something to do with the timing of loading data source and setting variable value.

Unfortunately our global IT does not support Design Studio and I don´t have the authorization to set up a trace or access any logs.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance,



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2 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 10:40 AM

    Hello Andreas - Is your data source BW? If yes, the first place I recommend starting is asking the BW team to do an STAUTHTRACE to see where the authorizations are / are not working. Then you can start looking at Design Studio

    Down the road you may want to consider Lumira Designer 2.1 as it offers more features to improve performance. See towards the bottom

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  • Jan 23, 2018 at 11:44 AM

    Hi Andreas,

    The following blog post, including the links provided in the posted comments may help you track down the issue in terms of correct load sequencing and variable setting with parallel processing and background processing:



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