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Saving connections List in SAP Logon

Jan 22 at 03:12 PM


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Hi all,

I am very new to ABAP and SAP world. My question might sound stupid to all of you. But it would help me a lot if you guys can provide help me on same.

In SAP logon application, I have a list of systems under connections folder. Is there any way that I can export this list to some external file so that I can restore it from same?

For example, I am changing my laptop and I would have to add all the systems again which is a monotonous and time-wasting thing. To save this time, is it possible to save connections list in any file(internal/external) so that one can restore the same systems list later?


Sushil Jain

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2 Answers

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Mike Pokraka Jan 22 at 03:25 PM

It's stored in C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common\saplogon.ini

Just take a copy and restore it to your new machine.

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That's the location by default, it might change in some companies. cf "Connection" item below in SAP GUI Options.

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Thanks Sandra, I thought I'd start with the simple answer first (partly for time reasons).

Another option is to create a shortcut on your desktop with a command line parameter to point it to your own INI-file (don't have details to hand). This is useful when IT distributes a central version and it's not to your liking and you have no authorization to change it.


I'm sure you know, but my message was targeting the OP - I should have added "addendum" or "@ the op" - :)

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Thank you very much Mike Pokraka and Sanda.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 22 at 06:59 PM

To add to other input - this may not be necessary, actually. Many companies already include all the relevant connections in their SAP GUI installations. Or at least IT / Help Desk should already have a standard corporate INI file somewhere.

Unless you've added some connections manually (in which case the most reliable way to capture such info is just to take a screenshot of the connection info screen), reach out to local Help Desk for assistance with this.

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