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May 19, 2008 at 10:07 AM

S_PL0_86000028 Fin Statement Act/Act --> Error regarding "missing" Ledger


Hi All,

I have a problem with the S_PL0_86000028. This transaction represents the Financial Statement: Actual/Actual Settlement. When executing the transaction I enter all the necessary selection criteria. Also the Ledger field (FAGL_RLDNR) is mandatory. But when I enter the customized Ledger (in my case 0L, which is present in the system), SAP generates an error that this Ledger ISN'T present in the system.

For field 'Ledger', no characteristic value '0L' exists

Message no. KY040


Characteristic value '0L' has not been entered in the master data for field 'Ledger'.

Searching OSS doesn't gives a clear solution that is credited to this problem.

Is there someone who knows a solution?

Many thanks in advance!