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May 19, 2008 at 08:59 AM

problem integrating WebdynPro Application EP7 in EP6 - Javascript Error


Hello experts,

A short discription of our situation/problem:

We have a portal EP7 which contains some WebDynpro iView and WebDynpro pages.

We need to display the content of these WebDynPro components in EP6.

We created an URL iView which points to the iView/pages of EP7. The preview of the iView works fine.

But from the moment we put the iView in a page or directly in a workset, it doesn't work anymore.

In the button bar of our browser ( IE7 or IE6, we have tested both ) we get an Error: object doesn't support this property or method.

If I enable the debugger in IE7:

The error is in line : dsmObj.registerFullKey("GUSID:nlz3lvM9kWekVKrApbTjow LAfTLDL5PQarr4Rpi2*p3g ", "1210931467147");

 Sorry but i'm not able to paste the Javascript code in here. Even if I put it between <code>  tags. I always get an error.

Can anyone tell me what went wrong ? And if possible give is a solution?

Maybe what we're trying to do is possible but we might be doing it the wrong way. Any information is welcome.

Thanks a lot!!



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