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Jan 22, 2018 at 09:15 AM

System_on_commit_iterrupted dump error?

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I have Z program calling Transation VA01 using CALL TRANSATION 'VA01', after creating sales order i wrote statement WAIT 3 SECONDS and then i am committing some my Z table updates using COMMIT statement, but this COMMIT in my Z program giving dump(SYSTEM_ON_COMMIT_INTERRUPTED) only in few times, not sure what is the reason, can anyone answer

Below Dump details:

Category ABAP Programming Error



Application Component BC-SRV-SCR

Short Text COMMIT WORK processing cannot be interrupted.

What happened? Error in the ABAP Application Program The current ABAP program "SAPLSTXD" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

What can you do? Note down which actions and inputs caused the error. To process the problem further, contact you SAP system administrator. Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look at and manage termination messages, and you can also keep them for a long time.

Error analysis The following are executed during the COMMIT WORK statement - the routines registered for this with the PERFORM .. ON COMMIT statement, - the methods registered for the events in the object services and possibly also local updating (SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL). An exception has occurred and has been caught. This causes the normal sequence of the routine to be interrupted, with the result that the program is continues before the COMMIT WORK call. As this can cause inconsistencies, normal processing cannot be continued.

How to correct the error: If the error occurred in your own ABAP program or in an SAP program you modified, try to remove the error.

In include LSTXDFXX dump is coming after error message at line no:489

477 form io_error using object

478 name

479 id

480 language.


482 call function 'SAPSCRIPT_MESSAGE_DEF'

483 exporting no = 607

484 v1 = object

485 v2 = name

486 v3 = id

487 v4 = language.

488 message e607 with object name id language raising io_error.

489 >>>>> endform.