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Former Member
May 19, 2008 at 08:12 AM

SAPscript problem in update task


I am trying to print some labels based on a Transfer Order and using a standalone program everything is working fine. I have now moved the code into a User Exit ZXLTOU02 called when a TO is confirmed using transaction VL06C. The values in my print program basically disappear into thin air as they pass into the SAPscript. I have debugged the Update Task and the SAPscript to confirm this. The OPEN_FORM, WRITE_FORM, CLOSE_FORM all still work and return sy-subrc equals 0 bu the values aren't printed on the labels.

Any ideas ? Any tricks to pass the values into the SAPscript ? Is this because I'm in the Update task ?

Alternatively how do I configure a print program to work using Output Control and appear when a TO is confirmed using VL06C !?