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May 19, 2008 at 07:13 AM

Assigning a different mask for the same role


Hi All,

I have two users user1 and user2 are created in MDM and each assigned to the same role say role1.

My requirement is user1 should get data of catagory 1 where as user2 should get all the main data in MDM.This catagory 1 is part of the main data.

For this scenario i have created a mask say for example catagory1_mask for catagory1 data and assigned this mask to the role role1 where user1 and user2 are being assigned to this role.

And i have one more mask all_mask for user2 where i have assigned all the records of the main table to this mask. So when user2 logs into the MDM he would get all the data in MDM.

If i assign this all_mask to the role1 user1 cal also access the whole data including user2. But as per the rqmt user1 should not access the whole data but have to access only catgory1 data.

Can anybody advice me how can i assign a different masks to a one role when 2 users have been assigned the same role?