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Former Member
May 19, 2008 at 06:24 AM

ECC 6.0 - Cancel Approved Leave Request


Hi all,

we are in ECC 6.0 and the requirement is that when an employee cancel an approved leave request an email is to be sent to his/her manager i.e. no approval is required.

I linked my workflow to the relevant leave type so there are different workflows to be triggered when an employee submits a new leave request and when an employee deletes an approved leave request.

I am sure someone out there must have done something similar!

A few questions:

1 - I believe that if the leave request has been already posted, my workflow will need to delete the relevant Infotype 2001. Is that ok to use BAPI_ABSENCE_DELETE to achieve that?

2 - If the Infotype 2001 has to be deleted, what should happen to the relevant entry in the table PTREQ_HEADER? Should I change the status of the relevant entry to be what? WITHDRAWN? I noticed that the PTREQ_HEADER has now the status SENT (because a workflow was triggered).

3 - I also noticed that in PTARQ my deleted entry has operation set to DEL - does that mean that if I set the status of the entry to WITHDRAWN (or something else), when i hit the Post Documents the infotype 2001 will be automatically deleted??

Thanks in advance for any hints/tips/advice you can provide!