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May 19, 2008 at 03:01 AM

Shipment document creation for normal purchases(With out delivery)


Dear Friednds,

I Have one scanario in my project, which is belongs to transportation module:

The client will raise the PO to vendor. The vendor will delivery the goods to my client.

But client will do the MIGO. thst is goods receipt.

Thats all, no inbound delivery. Now i want to capture that shipment costs in SAP.

How to do that.

I have few more scenarios like this:

1. Goods movements from transportation location to plants; How to captire the ship.cots with out shipment document.

2. Goods movements from one Storage lo9cation to another storage location.

At present,the client just raising the service PO to Forwarding agent. Now we need to capture those shipment and ship.cost docuemnts in SAP.

Please any body let it solve.

With regards