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Jan 19, 2018 at 12:11 PM

V_V2 - Disable quantity changes to confirmed orders


Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue with a custom rescheduling program (which is a copy of V_V2 with additional priorities/filters). The problem is that I don't want the program to unconfirm the date/quantities in orders that are already confirmed, it has to use the unrestricted stock only for the confirmations. I know that I can set the flag "Fixed date & quantity", but this way the order item will disappear from the rescheduling list even if the quantity has not been completely confirmed. Example:

Unrestricted stock: 30

Sales Order 1 - Order Quantity 100 - Confirmed Quantity 60 - PRIORITY 1

Sales Order 2 - Order Quantity 200 - Confirmed Quantity 150 - PRIORITY 2

The system would take 30pcs from the unrestricted stock, and 10 from Sales Order 2 since it has a lower priority. I want the system to confirm only 30pcs without touching other confirmed quantities from other orders. If i use the flag, the second order disappears but in the future it would be never confirmed for the remaining 50pcs, which is not the purpose of my custom program.

How can I achieve the results I want?

Thanks in advance,