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May 17, 2008 at 04:05 PM

ChaRM not functioning after support pack installation


Since we applied the latest support package stack (15) on our SolMan 4.0 system, none of our change management request scenarios are working except for the SolMan maintenance cycle itself. Messages can be created but they cannot be transported through the QA or Prod systems using CHaRM. We can still process transports manually in all systems using STMS. The RFC connections are still intact and test correctly in SMSY to all satellite systems. When the Check function is selected in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN for any of our landscapes, the messages indicate:

"No consolidation system found for DEV-100 (project URGENTBI)"

"No track for project URGENTBI with log.system DEV/100"

"Logical components for project URGENTBI are consistent"

As the test results indicate, the components in the project are consistent and the three systems are listed correctly under the logical component and solution landscape in SMSY. I have tried opening and saving everything in an effort to possible re-generate some part of the configuration but that did not help.

I also noticed that even through the maintenance cycle is still active if I look it up using CRM_DNO_MONITOR, and it still appears in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN along with the assigned Service Desk transaction, when I select the Show Task List button, a message at the bottom of the screen indicates "The project is not released. Hence cycle can not be created".

This did not occur on our test system when we applied the support packages there. This occurs on all landscapes except the SolMan landscape.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.