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Jan 19, 2018 at 11:12 AM

Material Doc based on ship-to-party for RPM (returnable packaging material)


Hello Everyone, I have a requirement to create material document for returnable packaging material (RPM) based on ship-to-party were the sold-to & ship-to parties are different. Currently all the material documents as per standard configuration are based on sold-to-party, But we need the RPM to be based on ship-to-party as the customer (sold-to-party) is not responsible for the RPM where ship-to & sold-to are different. Also the main material (eg. The finished goods to be sold) should be against the sold-to-party.This means for the same material document the primary material should be for sold-to-party and the RPM should be for Ship-to-party and the same should reflect in MB58. Can this be done by standard configurations?