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May 17, 2008 at 12:16 PM

FBS1 idoc/BAPI to post accrual document


FBS1 is the Tcode used to post a accrula/deferal document.

Now I have a requirement to post an accrual document similar to the one posted by using FBS1 using a BAPI or a Idoc. I need to post a new document and not reverse an existing docuement.

I have tried sarching for the relevant IDOC and BAPI documentation.

The Idoc ACC_DOCUMENT01 has the field for reversal reason but does not have a REVERSAL DATE field.

FIDCCP01/02 doesnt have any of these fields and also I found this note 114814.


16. Can accrual/deferral documents be sent?


Accrual/deferral postings (transaction FBS1) are special postings within

the framework of financial statements. We assume that such postings are

typically made in the central financial accounting system. It is not useful

to make accrual/deferral postings in the decentralized systems.

Sending documents from the decentralized systems to the central system is

possible but is not intended for the standard system.

Incorrect postings would occur for the following reason:

In the case of accrual/deferral postings, the 'Reversal reason'

(BKPF-STGRD) and 'Reversal date' (BKPF-STODT) fields are mandatory. These

fields are not sent using ALE and therefore cannot be posted in the central

FI system using the RWIN posting interface (fields are missing in the IDoc

and in the ACCIT structure for the RWIN).

This means that a sent accrual/deferral document would become a normal FI

document in the central system without allowing automatic reversal on the

specified reversal date.


Can you please let me know if there is any other standard idoc/BAPI which can do this or do I have to use Idoc enhancement for the REVERSAL DATE field.