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Issue related to material availability date in SO Schedule line.

Jan 19 at 10:04 AM


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I have one sales Document ITEM that is split into two scheduling lines due to customer demands.

50 PC will be delivered 2018-03-16 and then 50 PC 2018-05-16.

Both schedule lines should due to production have different Material

Line 1 should have 2018-03-10 and line 2 should have 2018-05-10.

Now to the issue, when I save Sales order SAP automatically changes the first Material I changed to the original date 2018-03-16.

Why? What can I do to have this date set manually on both schedule lines? I don’t want to create two separate Sales order items.



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2 Answers

Peter Stockselius Jan 22 at 08:47 AM

Hi JM,

Thanks for your answer but i don´t understand why system just run a new availability check and overwrite one of my manual changes. I could understand this if both were automatically changed.

This is what i get when i run report SDRQCHCK:

Setting fot item category ZTAN:

Settings for Z45:

Settings for CP:

I have tried to change settings but without any success.

Do you know if I can make any changes so that i get the result that i want?

Thanks //Peter

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Former Member Jan 21 at 10:42 AM


when you change this dates, system will run a new availability check overwriting your manual changes. Run report SDRQCHCK (se38) with your sales order to understand what data is used to calculate the different dates.



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