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May 17, 2008 at 10:55 AM

fie to idoc content conversion


I am working on file to idic scenario.

file has four types of lines :

Begin of file.(0..1)



end of file.(0..1)

each line has a element Record type and some other elements.for header record type is A , for item its B , for Begin of file its C and for end of file its D.

we have to check for every line that it should have record type as one of these four and if not so we have to send a mail through alert functionality.we have to send a mail which has all errors by checking the whole file for record types.we have to ignore these lines in the file and proceed with the rest.

is it possible with content conversion to convert falt file to xml structure and check this validation...???

if no can u pls give tell me hoiw to develop module for doint his and if u can pls give some sample code for that...