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Does anyone have a list of master data mapping from Baan to SAP migration

We are in the process of migrating from a Baan system to a sap system. The company (A) has just a acquired another company (B). A is already on SAP and B on Baan. The SAP test environment for company B is ready and we need to have master data and material master and prices uploaded into this environment. There is hardly anyone with the Baan backend knowledge to translate the tables we are getting in and Excel downloaded file in order to map them into SAP codes. We are also only dependent on an ex employee who only helps download the file in rtf format and converts it to Excel for mapping. Somewhere somehow the files looks corrupt and inconsistent. I need someone who has done this Baan to SAP migration before to help with tips to get this right. Thanks

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2 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 09:04 PM

    This question has been asked before and not been answered, and honestly if I had done it myself I probably would not do it either. Such mapping is usually a result of weeks or months of hard work, investigating data and processes, doing workshops and interviews. Making assumptions, testing them and finding that they are not correct. I am right now in exact such a project to migrate from Oracle to SAP. Started early November and next week we do the first test load, which would mean just about 1000 hours project time for the main master data.

    Would you share the results with unknown strangers who could potentially work for a competitor?

    Not to forget that SAP is quite flexible and your SAP is probably much different from my SAP and our design. I migrate for 13 years already data from SAP to SAP, there was not a single system like our target system, and even different clients in the same source system are using it differently from each other.

    You may try to reach out to one them who left his email ID to see if he is willing to share what he asked for 10 years ago and finally needed to do himself (if he ever did it, as he posted the same question again a year after:

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    • +1 to this.

      While I can empathize with just being thrown into a situation with limited resources and unrealistic expectations, I'm assuming you work at a for-profit organization. Therefore it's simply unreasonable for the management to initiate a migration project and expect it to be completed without adequate resources assigned. As a matter of fact, if someone tries to run this with no knowledge or experience they could as well do some serious damage to the company. All this needs to be communicated to the management and work must not continue until the resources are available. As simple as that.

      If there was a specific question about, say. a certain field then there could be a chance someone could answer. But the request appears to be, essentially, for someone either giving away intellectual property or running the project for your organization. And these are activities people are normally paid for.

  • Jan 26, 2018 at 06:22 AM

    The only thing that I could suggest (apart from persuading the management to hire externals who have worked on similar projects) is to check if there are some power users within the organization who can help you validate the extracted data and explain the business reason behind certain master data settings. In large organizations you stand a decent chance to find someone with good knowledge looking for an opportunity to join the IT team.

    I have not worked on Baan migrations, but can it be that among the reasons why the downloaded information is messed up is this db->rtf->excel conversion? Is there really no other way to get the data?

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