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Data Slices not working immediately for queries and planning sequences

Jan 23 at 04:33 PM


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Hi Friends

I use SAP BPC Embedded. I create Data Slices using transaction RSPLAN. It looks like the status of Data Slice is being read by input ready queries and planning sequences when I open them, not on the runtime. As a result, changes of Data Slice activity is not visible for the query or planning function / sequence, if I don't close query and reopen it again, or if I don't quit the transaction and open it again for planing sequences.

Logically, it is incorrect, I would expect that Data Slice is being read when data is being saved to the system. Otherwise, user who keeps query opened can still plan, even if Data Slice has been activated or created in the meantime.

Is it any workaround of this issue?



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2 Answers

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Gregor Dieckmann
Jan 24 at 08:58 AM

Hi Arelis,

you judge what is 'expected' from what you know about BPC Standard. But BPC Embedded follows a different design that is explained in detail in

As you observed data slice will be loaded and buffered when the application (Analysis Office, Web Templates, Design Studio, ...) starts. This is because BPC Embedded (BW-IP plus something) is designed for simulation. A data slice protects data cell or records from being changed and this protection should not change a run time since this has an effect e.g. on disaggregation, inverse formula calculation, ... Nobody would understand if - dependend on other users - the control flow would change. This is why a well-defined 'snaphot' is used. And what about usability if a user changed 100 K records and 90K records are protected and the user is notified that 90 or the work is now waste?

In short, this works as designed.



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Former Member Jan 24 at 09:10 AM

Hi Gregor

Thank you very much for answer and explanation.

Best Regards


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