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May 16, 2008 at 07:00 PM

Someone please help



I think you are getting my point.The above error occcured bcz i didnot use AUC field IN AIAB screen instead i tried using Completed asset which i have created. Could you please give advise for below questions.

We have 2 AUC 's for computer software , these already have line items in them.

What we did today is we created asset for computer software.

Using AIAB we want to create a distribution rule and then using AIBU we want to post it to asset .

1) My question was in AIAB screen we have options for

CO.code: xxx

Asset: ( In this do i need to give my AUC or ASSET number, I think we should give AUC number).

2) My second question is we have 2 AUC's for computer software , we have amounts of 11000 and 300 in both. we want to transfer these 2 amounts to completed asset. Do i need to do 2 times like below:

a) AUC with 11000 amount settle to completed asset( AIAB & AIBU)

b) AUC with 300 amount settle to completed asset.( AIAB & AIBU)

Please advise me.I will assign you points.Thanks in advance