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Jan 23, 2018 at 11:42 AM

Standard SAP WD text translation issue


While we tried to login to JDA system in JA and tried to create a CR (53671), we observed that the postal validation is providing a list of suggestions in which the heading of the list is coming in German. PFB screenshot.

We are not sure why this standard text is coming in German if logged in with Japanese.

While we went to the concerned WDC but not able to find out the exact location of that text which needs to be translated. PFB screenshot.

While this text is coming in English, when we logged into EN, as expected.

We believe that this might be due to the lack of translation to a standard text. Please suggest us the where do we need to maintain the translations..


address-german.jpg (35.4 kB)
wdc.jpg (144.1 kB)