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XSDS - Too Much Recursion Error

Hi Experts

Did someone face this issue before?

I am using POST to submit a call to an XSJS service(using XSDS). Is there a limit on the number of values that are being passed?

If I limit the number of values, it works fine.

Thanks for your responses



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2 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 02:54 PM

    Hi Giri,

    Are you using HANA DB on SAP CP? If yes, are you using associations in your entities? I already faced this issue when using XSDS with entities which used a cricular association.

    Example: Header has association to Item which has association to header. It seems like it does a infinite recursive call in the XSDS library.

    I didn't found the solution yet but maybe there is a way when loading entities to stop loading the associations at one point(maybe lazy loading or specifying only the ones we want).

    For now, I had to revert to simple assocation Header to items(but no items to header) to correct this recursion issue. This is not the perfect solution as the model is not as rich.

    If you find any solution on your side, let us know. I will also try on my side to solve this issue.


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    • Hi Sergio

      I don't see anything in the logs. Also, there is no parent-child relationship in the input data. It is behaving strangely, the input is divided as I have defined and it should return a result set. Only, for the first iteration of inputs I am getting the result set but not for the second iteration. Was trying to understand if this is a limitation on XSDS libraries.

      I don't see any other issue with the logic.

      Thank you



  • Jan 23, 2018 at 03:35 PM

    Hi David

    Thank you, for your response

    I am on HANA 2.0 (on premise). I am not using any associations. I am doing aggregations and creating new columns (Avg, Sum..). I did not find any error in the logs. When I ran a query in SQL console, with the same input parameters it runs well.

    Probably, I need to follow your work-around for now, executing the query multiple times with allowed limit of parameters.

    Just trying to understand if there is any limitation on the HANA server configuration Or XSDS libraries



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