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May 16, 2008 at 12:36 PM




i have an update rule from one ODS to another (e.g. from A to B). The is another data source for my target ODS B ( lets call it X). It seems it interferes with the Recordmode in the update A->B because there is an errormessage when activating the update rule:

"DATAFIELD 0RECORDMODE is already update with MOVE in updaterules X->B"

In the changelog of A i have these records:

Char 1    | Char 2  |  KeyFig 1    | 0RECORDMODE
A         |         |     100      |    'N'
A         |         |   - 100      |    'X'
A         |     B   |     100      |    ' '

The fist line has already been updated to the target. Now i do another update, this time the last two lines (before and after image) are transfered. However there is something wrong with the transfer of the recordmode. My Update from A to B produces this in the activation queue of B:

Char 1    | Char 2  |  KeyFig 1    | 0RECORDMODE
A         |     B   |    -100      |    ' '

which is quite wrong, because there should be 100 instead of -100.

It looks like =RECORDMODE is ignored and before+after image are mixed into one random line...

Can anyone tell me how to ensure that the field 0RECORDMODE is correctly written when updating from A to B