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Condition AZWB is not working with Partial billing from Sales order to Debit memo Req

I was trying to use conditions AZWA AZWB for Down payments and DownPaymnt/Clr from Sales order to Debit memo request and Billing / Debit memo with refrence to DMR. Condition AZWA - Cond.DownPaymnt/Plnd is copied from Sales order to DMR. But the Clearing condition AZWB is not determined and clearing is not happening when we create Debit memo / Billing. When we raised the issue to SAP support, we got the answer that these down payment conditions doesn't work for Debit memo requests. So please suggest how we can use down payment conditions for Sales order partial billing. We can't use billing plan as the there is no fixed amount / fixed dates for this partial billing.

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2 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 06:42 AM

    First of all, you need to explain in a better way as to what is the Business process and why you were using those two condition types in DMR. Of course, you already got the confirmation from SAP itself that those, will not be considered in DMR. Also, can you share the OSS note reference where SAP has confirmed ?

    There is one OSS note 1788841 which says, the above condition types would be supported for DMR. Go through this note and carry out necessary configuration change as explained in this note.

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    • Dear Lakshmipathi,

      I followed the same OSS note 1788841 and implemented the steps. My requirement is to post and clear the Customer down payments. We create a sales order form which we create the DMR for the the works done. We will create a Debit memo with respect to this DMR. In the note it is clearly mentioned It only works for the document category (VBTYP):

      M Invoice
      P Debit memo
      N Invoice cancellation
      B Quotation
      C Order
      L Debit memo request.

      But still we are not able to achieve this for Debit memo request. Please find the process steps i have followed below

      • Process Flow and Steps for the Creation of AZWA AZWB Conditions
      • Step 1:
      • Creating Sales Order type Z21 Lump sum Sales order using VA01

      Step 2: Manually Entered at Item Level

      • Price Condition – ZR00
      • Cond.DownPaymnt/Plnd – AZWA

      Lump sum Sale Order 3510600058 has been Created & saved

      Step 3:

      • Post Customer Down Payment: Header Data using F-29 T with reference to the above created Sales Order # 3510600058, Customer and GL
      • Simulate and Saved

      • Step 4: Creating Debit Memo Request with reference to Sales Order

      • Manually Changed the quantity to 25000
      • Manually changed the AZWA Cond.DownPaymnt/Plnd to 2,625.00

      Debit Memo Request 4510701023 has been Created and Saved

      Step 5: Creating Billing / Debit Memo for the above created DMR using VF01

      • Condition value AZWB Cond.DownPaymnt/Clr is not determined and clearance is not happening.

      • If we are trying to billing the whole Sales Order the Condition AZWB Cond.DownPaymnt/Clr is working fine and automatic clearance is happening
  • Jan 23, 2018 at 08:21 AM

    When you give some update to your original post, please do so under Comment and not under Answer, as you were not answering but only providing additional informations. Meanwhile, I have converted your post from Answer to Comment.

    Now coming to your issue, have you gone through documentation, recommended in the said note ? Did you assign routines 48 & 49 for AZWA? Unless you share the screen shots of your pricing procedure and condition type configuration, it will be difficult to show the right direction. Moreover, I am not sure, why the Debit Memo Request is being created with reference to sale order when the standard Best Practice is to create with reference to parent billing document.

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    • Dear Lakshmipathi,

      Sorry for posting in the answer section. We want to do partial billing for the sales order for the Constriction. So we are following this process. I have gone through documentation and assign routines 48 & 49 for AZWA, AZWB and AZWI also. These conditions are working fine if i do the whole billing for the SO.So there is no problem with configuration. But the same is not happening if we do partial billing using the DMR. Please find the pricing Proc and condition screen shots