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Struture of xml

Jan 22 at 01:54 PM


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Hi i'm learning ui5 i'm doing a sapui5 course but i have questions and that course is already close, my question is about the structure of my xml view

let's go step by step

i know sapui5 use as preference mvc model so i use

1 - mvc:view i don't know what is displayBlock rest of them are libraries and my sap.m is loaded in my index.html (data-sap-ui-libs="sap.m") but is necesary to load it here again?

2 - Can i have more than 1 controller for each view o is better practice to have just one ?

3 - App it's like a container?

4 - why is page use for? and pages is a element of page ? and content is the content of the page (i guess)

5 - inside content IconTabBar is use to create a menu so that menu have items , each item is describe whith IconTabFilter???

		<App backgroundColor="#FAFAFA">
			<Page title="openSAP - Developing with SAPUI5">
					<IconTabBar id="idTopLevelIconTabBar" selectedKey="db">
							<IconTabFilter id="start" text="{i18n>gettingStartedFilter}">
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Former Member Jan 23 at 08:54 AM

Hii Naoto Amari,

1. No need lo load again...u have to load when u have to use deifferent libraries like sap.ui.layout etc. u can't....There will be only one controller file for each view. You can call methods resides in other controllers by creating object of that controller.

var oController = sap.ui.getCore().byId("idView1").getController();

3.Yes, App is a container

4. pages contains page aggregation.. page contains content aggregation (it contains content of page)

5. no problem u can create menu also

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Thanks man! you answered all my question thanks again! , one last please if i want to work with sap web ide but the system is going to implemment here on my company is on-premise do the basis need to install any note or i don't know i've been using sap web ide from sap cloud plattaform cockpit

Former Member

No need to install anything