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Data Binding "Changed On" Date in ticket summary form (ALD)

Jan 22 at 10:23 AM


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Hi community,

I cannot find the data binding name for the "Changed On" Date of the ticket. I want to use this date in the ticket summary form in Adobe Lifecycle Designer.

I just see the CreationDate binding: "$.ServiceRequest.CreationDateTime"...

What's the data binding name/path for the Changed On Date?

Can anyone help please?

Thanks so much!

BR, Deborah

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Deborah Albrecht Jan 25 at 10:21 AM

I now "just" found the "LastChangeDateTime" in the data binding (XML schema) of servicerequests in certain fields like:

  • $.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*].SystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> for the LastChangeDate of the description (Overview tab)
  • $.ServiceRequest.FormattedText.Text[*].SystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> think the same (LastChangeDate of the description in the overview tab)
  • $.ServiceRequest.Item[*].ItemTextCollection.Text[*].SystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> LastChangeDate of the text in the Ticket (Positions tab)
  • $.ServiceRequest.AttachmentFolder.Document[*].SystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> LastChange Date for the Attachments
  • $.ServiceRequest.SolutionProposal[*].CustomerProblemAndSolutionSystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> LastChangeDate for Solution Proposal
  • $.ServiceRequest.Interactions[*].InteractionTextCollection.Text[*].SystemAdministrativeData.LastChangeDateTime --> LastChangeDate of Interactions

I haven't found the general "LastChangeDate" of the whole ticket yet...

But this field does exists in the payload for ERP integration (see screenshot below).

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To print the "general" Last Changed Date in the ticket summary form I have now found a workaround. I created a custom field, that is a copy of the LastChangedDateTime. That custom field do I use in the form and with the script editor I've done some changes in the format.