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May 16, 2008 at 05:55 AM

Reducing Absence Quota in Time Evaluation


I want to reduce Absence Quota "Annual Leave" in time schema on the basis of a time type generated by time evalution due employee comes late in office in a month.

but that Annual Leave QuotaType has value "No Generate" in IMG activity "Permit Generation of Quotas in Time Evaluation"

because we want to generate quota by RPTQTA00 for IT2006 annually.

so when we want to reduce Annual Leave Quota in Timeevalution by using IMG activity "Define Specifications for Transfer to Absence Quotas" it says that Quota cannot be genenerated in Time Evalution due to Quota status has "No generate" status

How can we Reduce Absence Quota from Time Evalution which also should have status "No Generate"?

Thanks in Advance if any one can help