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list of error codes


Anyone knows where I can find a list of error codes? Example: error 5002 means what and what should be the solution.

Would be interested to know the above if someone can point out. Thanks.

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3 Answers

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    May 16, 2008 at 08:30 AM

    Hi Slamet,

    Error Codes List

    The following table lists all the DI API Return Codes or Exceptions:

    Code Description

    0 Success.

    -103 Connection to the company database has failed.

    -104 Connection to the license database has failed.

    -105 The observer.dll init has failed.

    -106 You are not connected to a company.

    -107 Wrong username and/or password.

    -108 Error reading company definitions.

    -109 Error copying dll to temp directory.

    -110 Error opening observer.dll.

    -111 Connection to SBO-Common has failed.

    -112 Error extracting dll from cab.

    -113 Error creating temporary dll folder.

    -114 No server defined.

    -115 No database defined.

    -116 Already connected to a company database.

    -117 Language is not supported.

    -118 Exceeded the number of max concurrent users.

    -1001 The field is to small to accept the data.

    -1002 Invalid row.

    -1103 Object not supported.

    -1104 Invalid XML file.

    -1105 Invalid index.

    -1106 Invalid field name.

    -1107 Wrong object state.

    -1108 The transaction is already active.

    -1109 There is no active transaction in progress.

    -1110 Invalid user entered.

    -1111 Invalid file name.

    -1112 Could not save the XML file.

    -1113 Function not implemented.

    -1114 XML validation failed.

    -1115 No XML schema was found to support this object.

    -1120 Ref count for this object is higher then 0.

    -1130 Invalid edit state.

    -2000 SQL native error.

    -2050 No query string entered.

    -2051 No value found.

    -2052 No records found.

    -2053 Invalid object.

    -2054 Either BOF or EOF have been reached.

    -2055 The value entered is invalid.

    -3000 The logged on user does not have permission to use this object.

    -3001 You do not have a permission to view this fields data.

    -8004 Company connection is dead.

    -8005 Server connection is dead.

    -8006 Error opening language resource.

    -8007 License failure.

    -8008 Error initializing the DB layer.

    -8009 Too many users connected.

    -8010 No valid license is present.

    -8011 Error initializing Business objects layer.

    -8012 Company version mismatch.

    -8013 Error initializing the application environment.

    -8014 Invalid command.

    -8015 Missing parameter.

    -8016 Unsupported object.

    -8017 Invalid command for this object.

    -8018 Internal permission error.

    -8019 Dll is not initialized.

    -8020 Language init error.

    -8021 Timeout encountered.

    -8022 Init error.

    -8023 Wrong user or password.

    i hope it helps 😊



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    • Former Member

      Hmm, interesting. I am trying to add a budget scenario and am getting an error -1116 "Could not commit transaction". It is not even on the list. The really odd thing is that it seems to have succeeded in adding the budget scenario as well.

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    Jun 10, 2008 at 06:32 AM


    The eror codes table looks fine. Can anyone tell me the error description for the error code 776861

    Thanks in Adv.


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    Aug 14, 2014 at 01:57 PM

    HI, What does Error: M7 021 Deficit of SL unrestricted-use1 mean

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