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C4C New Service Category Catalogue Impacting Report


We've uploaded a new version of a Service Category Catalogue on the 9th January 2018. When we build a report in Business Analytics comparing the Incident Category of Created Tickets in December and January, Incident Category values appear twice, even where we did not change the field values in the new catalogue upload. If I look at the Valid From and Valid To dates of the two identical characteristics they start and stop in line with the new and old service category catalogue.

For example

Incident Category: Time Off Valid From 08.08.2017 Valid To 09.01.2018 (Counter: 88)

Incident Category: Time Off Valid From 09.01.2018 Valid To 31.12.9999 (Counter: 45)

What have we done wrong here and is there anything we can do to fix it/prevent it in the future?



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  • Hi Jessica.

    This is a little bit to figured out, I would like to have more details, if possible.

    When you say you uploaded "Service Category Catalogue" , do you mean as Data Source? Or do you mean as a part of an specific workcenter?
    Most of the time when we have a characteristic appearing twice, it can be caused by a duplicate upload, or a join condition used in a Custom Data Source. Can you give me more details, so I can help you to figure out?


    Best regards.


  • Hi Mirelle

    Karthik has resolved my issue but in response to your comment I had uploaded a new Service Category Catalogue (so the agents had updated choices for Service, Incident and Cause categories). It seems that the behaviour is as expected but I should have used the Incident Category ID rather than Incident Category characteristic. Incident Category ID seems to overcome and combine the catalogue versioning.

    Thanks again


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    Feb 03, 2018 at 12:10 AM

    hi jessica

    Incident category is listed twice in your report because these are from two different versions - though they have same IDs and Category Names; they come from different versions as you noted. And each of them is unique .

    now to answer your question on how to aggregate all incident categories by the same ID and Name (though they come from different catalog versions) - you could use the characteristic called "Incident Category ID" in the report . You could add it from the Ticket datasource if this is not already part of the report...

    hope this helps...


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    • Thank you Karthik - This has resolved my issue. Is there any way this could be added into the SAP guides on Dashboards/Analytics? It seems to be that Incident Category ID is the recommended characteristic to use as it doesnt produce this issue but I don't recall coming across this.