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May 15, 2008 at 05:38 PM

How to save data in CallableObject without completing the action



we have a process with actions with callable objects. Some of these actions cannot be completed within a short time, but still are an "atomic task". Thus we'd like to save the data entered so that it is there again when calling the action at a later time again. This would also make it possible for the employee of a team to really take the task (eg. by pressing a button "take this task") and for the other to see, who is in charge.

How can data be written into the GP context (eg. LocalContext of the CallableObject), without completing the action (eg. by setting a result state)?

We do not want to build LoopBlocks where the same Action is called and completed multiple times, each time adding an other "Iteration X"-entry in the navigation.

Best regards,

Manuel Schaffner