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Navigation to an object page in Fiori list report?

Jan 19 at 03:15 PM


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Hello Experts,

I have created a List report with mock data and now I'm trying to achieve mass edit feature by creating an action button. Please refer the screenshot (listreport.png).

1. Now, I click on the action button(Mass Editing).

2. Navigation should happen to a new Object page.(How to configure routes to this new object page).

3. Upon navigation, selected data in the list report smart table would be bound to the object page.

Any references / docu links would also be highly appreciated...

Thanks and regards,Abbilash

listreport.png (61.5 kB)
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1 Answer

Krishna Kishor Kammaje
Jan 22 at 05:52 AM

Hi Abhilash,

A question on the design: Object page is used to display data about a single object. Now how are you going to show data of all the selected rows in the Object Page?

About navigation, it is a general concept. First, you create a routing and pattern to the Object Page in manifest.json. Upon users clicking on the 'Mass Update' button, control would go to the 'Press' handler function. In that function, you will get the reference to the smart table, and find the selected rows. Then you navTo to the newly created route while passing all the selected keys as routing parameters. In the ObjectPage, you need to fetch the routing parameters and bind suitably.



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Hi Krishna,

Thanks for your kind reply. I agree that object page is meant to display an object data. What we are trying to achieve is something out of the box which smart template is not providing. I meant there needs to be some custom coding i.e. by fetching the table data and binding that data to a new view(Which is an object page). Anyways I get an event handler for the action button but then I'm not able to proceed with the routing part.

Coming to navigation. In smart template we don't get any routes in the manifest. So How do I proceed if I don't have routes? Do I need to create my own routes? If yes, How do I manage to handle the routes of List report page and object page which is internally handled by the framework?

Thanks and regards,



Have you got the solution ? I have similar requirement.