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New condition types for list and negotiated price

Dear gurus,

we are planning on changing the pricing in our POs: Up to now, we maintain PB00 in our info records and this condition is then copied to our POs. Done.

But now we would like to maintain and monitor two different types of prices:

  • Normal list price that any customer would pay, let’s say condition type ZLIS
  • Negotiated price that is valid only for us, condition type ZNEG

Ideally, we would like to be able to maintain only one or both prices in our info records, purchasing agreements etc. and then have them copied to our POs.

If both condition types are maintained and thus present in a PO item, ZNEG should be used to determine the actual price for the item. ZLIS should be visible (and available for reporting purposes), too, but not have any influence on the actual price, like a statistical condition.

If only one of the two condition types is maintained, that one should be used for price determination.

Could anyone please point out to me how to do this? Is this at all possible?


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3 Answers

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    Feb 22, 2018 at 05:06 PM


    You may check the below approach:

    • Maintain ZLIS as statistical condition in pricing procedure.
    • Maintain ZNEG exactly same as PB00 in M/06 (access sequence can be different if required).
    • Go to the path: OLME-Conditions- Define Price Determination Process-Define Condition Exclusion. Here, create two different exclusion groups, assign PB00 and ZNEG to two different groups. Assign the exclusion group to the pricing procedure and maitain the required exclusion from F4:

    • With the exclusion, system can deactivate PB00 when ZNEG is active or vise versa as required.
    • Test the same and revert back.



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  • Jan 19, 2018 at 03:17 PM

    Why not just keep using PB00 as representing the price to which you buy

    and adding a statistical condition for ZLIS which is never actively used to buy.

    if PB00 and ZLIS is equal then you know that you bought with the normal list price and if you PB00 and ZLIS is unequal you know that you bought to a special negotiated price.

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    • Hallo again,

      we have now - as a test - implemented a new condition type ZNEG as a copy of PB00. This works just fine in terms that we can maintain PB00 and ZNEG and ZNEG is used as the relevant price and PB00 is present in the document but not used to determine the actual price.

      The problem is though that when maintaining conditions in the inforecord, there is a window in which we have to decide whether to maintain PB00 or ZNEG. Is there any way to maintain both condition types in the same table, just as I would PB00 and RA01 for example?



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    Former Member
    Feb 22, 2018 at 03:50 PM

    Your scenario requirement is not completely described!

    Normal list price that any customer would pay - Why customer pay in purchasing cycle with a PO

    Simplifying your scenario- you can have material price in PB00 and can have another condition type for your requirement as Negotiated price or you can say discount price. Design in such way in your MM pricing procedure for these two condition types- so that requirement can be met easily.


    You need to understand how info record behaves in pricing and if needed you can have two pricing condition types - check you MM pricing procedure( calculation schema) for Info record. Upon PO creation these pricing populated!

    If the above does not meet your requirement- you add missing details with complete scenarios along with steps of calculations from customer to vendor related transactions.

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