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FG and SFG planned orders date & time issue.

Dear All,

I face the following issue, i have one FG, SFG and a Raw material. For FG i have 4 operations with total lead time 1 hour ,SFG 1 operation with lead time 1 hour.

We follow MTO strategy-20 here, now when i run MRP and check the date and time of generated planned orders post MRP run, it is wrong. Obviously we have to do SFG first and then FG. But it generates date and time for FG first and then SFG later or both FG and SFG in same time and date. When i consulted with a senior he says it is generating planned order date and time based on planned order number sequentially.

Here we follow "Max lot size -1" for FG and SFG . BOM qty 1:1 ratio.

Example: FG Sales order qty is 2, then 4 planned orders gets generated with 1 quantity.

FG planned orders - 1011,1012.

SFG planned orders - 1013,1014.

But dates got scheduled for FG and SFG wrongly. Then i tried dispatching using CM25 to correct them, but dates get scheduled for FG first and SFG later which is again obviously wrong and the reason they say is because the planned order sequence is like that with FG first and SFG succeeding it.

I searched in forum and there were few similar threads as below about same issue but with no apt solution for it.

Kindly guide me with this since this is a basic planning process.

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2 Answers

  • Feb 01, 2018 at 01:00 AM

    Hello Jeffrey,

    You can check the "Lead-time offset" for the SFG in BOM configuration t-code CS02. If it is positive number of days, the SFG is NOT required until after the start date. With such setting, the planned orders for SFG may be same date/time with FG.

    Also, you can attach several screenshots with sample date to make the issue better understood.

    Best regards,

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    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your reply, actually i tried maintaining "Operation LT offset", because i want the SFG certain minutes before the production of FG and not certain days before FG production. Lets say if the SFG order completes on 12p.m then they may start the production of FG on 12.30p.m also. And in case if some critical materials required for FG production is not available, then it may take one or two days to start FG. So finally it depends.

      But even after maintaining the same in BOM, i get the same result as i got before. Below you can find the screen shots of same.

  • Feb 01, 2018 at 10:12 AM

    Hi Jessica,

    I tried to reply for your post with screenshots, but its not posting, so am posting it as separate answer for my own question.

    Case 1: Without maintaining "Offset" in BOM.

    C-11 is the only work centre with only one operation for SFG. WC-01 to WC-04 are the work centres for FG with only 4 operations.

    Case 2:

    After maintaining "Offset", in my case i considered SFG should be available 5 minutes prior to FG production starts.

    As you can see in the above screenshots still its planning SFG after FG only or in same dates.


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