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Former Member
Jan 19, 2018 at 05:22 AM

I have a Question with Revaluation Issue for Congo


Thanks for your email.
We have an issue with CONGO OHADA financila year.The OHADA financial year follows JAN-DEC,
But our Leading ledger follows April-March.

In general OHADA provide the Index rate in the month of March, So that the new index rate will be applicable based on the new rate from 31st Of December every year,
so that APC value also get changed and at the same time depreciation is also getting calculated as per the new rate for the month of Jan,
Feb and March. Because in the mean while we cannot stop depriciation for the month of January and February.

Once we will run the depriciation for the Month of January and february it will calculate depreciation on the OLD APC value.

In the month of March once we will get the New index rate which should be applicable from 31st December, How we can handle this.

Even if we tried with revaluation and its reversal. then posting of unplanned depreciation. As we have 1 lac assets, it will be bit difficult
to perform this activity each and every time, Hence is there any other options on the same.Please suggest.