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Setting context in Crystal Reports 2013 SP7 Oracle Database

Jan 18 at 08:41 PM


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Hi. I have a requirement to set an application context value for the session before running a crystal report. I have tried to select from a function using a sub report in the header or including the select in my main query. These do not work for the main query but do have the proper effect on the sub reports that follow. Is there a way to force a sub report to execute first or a method to call the procedure in something like a before report trigger similar to Oracle Reports? I would prefer not to have to rewrite reports to put the main query in a stored procedure. Anyone have a suggestion? I have seen some very old posts with this question but nothing recent. Hoping the answer has changed.



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1 Answer

Bonnie Jones Jan 19 at 04:51 PM

SAP Support confirmed still no work-a-round to execute a query before the main query and still no nested sub-reports. Will request an enhancement.

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