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May 15, 2008 at 11:49 AM

MSCS questions


Hi all,

I installed a MSCS ABAP ERP 6.0 in Wins 2k3 + SQL Server 2k5 with 2 nodes (Node1: ASCS, DB instance, CI; Node2: ASCS, DB instance, Dialog instance).

But I have some questions below:

1. About the 3 hostnames for 3 virtual components mentioned in the installation guide: "clusgrp" for component "Cluster group", "sapgrp" for component "SAP cluster group", "dbgrp" for component "DB cluster group". I think the name "... group" makes confusion, at the beginning it made me feel they're the cluter group names in MSCS. In fact, the "Cluster group" is the MSCS cluster name when installing MSCS. The "DB cluster group" is the virtual server name of SQL Server. The "SAP cluster group" is the Virtual Instance Host of SAP. Anything is wrong?

2. When installing CI & Dialog instance, the installation guide says that we have to install them on local disk, but I find no screen which tells me about this. I don't know why.

3. About the instance numbers, I chose the default number that SAPinst raised. That's is: 00 for ASCS, 10 for Enqueue Server Replication, 01 for CI, and 01 also for Dialog instance. My SAPGUI system uses 01 as the System Number and for me it's ok with the failover. Anything is wrong?

4. I want to install another system for Dialog instance. This system will be the node out of MSCS. What does it need? 1 local disk for OS only? 1 public net card only? How about its instance number - I have to use another number except 00, 01, 10 such as 02?


Toan Do