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Jan 21, 2018 at 11:20 PM

HANA Generic ODBC Adapter


Has anyone had any success with connecting HANA (in my case it's 1.122.11, and I'm gonna try it with 2.0 soon) to a remote ODBC source which is not one of those databases already supported by SAP (like, MSSQL, Netezza, Oracle, MII etc).

I'm trying to connect to Apache Drill ODBC driver, and there are a few weird things happening there:

1. When using a Generic ODBC driver, I immediately run into the message "cannot load driver". On the driver's side I don't see any activity (and I enabled highest trace level). No useful logs on the HANA side either.

2. When using MSSQL ODBC driver or Hadoop ODBC driver with Drill's DSN, I can make a connection and can then see tables in my schemas, but cannot add any table as virtual table. The issue seems to be the SQL syntax generated by HANA. In HADOOP case, when adding a virtual table, it generates "SELECT TOP 1 FROM <remote_table>", not recognised by Drill ODBC, and in MSSQL case, it generates a statement that might be correct, if only double quotation marks had been replaced by back-quotes.

The case #1 seems to be an obvious error, especially in the light of #2. I've created an OSS message for it, but somehow it's very slowly processed.

The case #2 suggests there might be some option to configure the SQL syntax flavour -- if anyone knows where to poke, could you please give a guidance. Thanks!