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2 questions about the debugger in Eclipse with the ABAP Development Tools


I have two questions related to the debugger from Eclipse with the ABAP Development Tools:

1. This is the standard perspective of the debugger:

Is there a way to temporary minimize the stack and the outline and put the debugger and the variables windows side by side?

2. After finishing debugging the debugging perspective stays like this forever. The only way I found to return to the standard ABAP ADT perspective is to explicitly choose it. Is there a better way to do this?



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2 Answers

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    Jan 22, 2018 at 07:48 AM


    You can hide each view using minimize in the right upper corner of the view.

    A double click on a tab line will put the view to full screen (restore also with double click)

    You can also adjust the default debugging perspective and restore to default be right click on the perspective button

    or save it as new "custom debugging perspective" - to quickly change perspective use CTRL+F8 and CTRL+SHIFT+F8 (default shortcuts)

    The debugger behaviour is a bit strange - we have to live with it...



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    • Hi Dominik,

      "The debugger behaviour is a bit strange - we have to live with it..." - sorry to hear that. Can you name a few concrete things that make it strange in your perception? What is causing the worst pain?

      Best regards,

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 08:11 AM

    Hi Vlad,

    the debug perspective is not ABAP specific but instead the default eclipse debug perspective that is also potentially "shared" with other languages, e.g. if you do Java/C and ABAP development in the same eclipse IDE. The default layout will be improved with Eclipse Photon (

    In eclipse you can always customize any perspective yourself by drag & drop etc. Changes to perspectives will remain which means you can totally customize it the way you want and will stay like this. Since you also used the term "temporary" in your question.. is there any special reason for that? Do you have a special reason why you want certain adjustments to be only temporary?

    For question 2)

    Switching back from debug perspective to ABAP perspective requires manual activity (e.g. by pressing a button on the top right corner). There might be 3rd party plugins that provide some kind of automatism but there is no automatism by default.

    Personally I'm not a big fan of perspective switches at all [especially since I have a 34" curved monitor :-) ]. So I actually deactivated the automatic perspective switch and created a custom perspective that contains all views that I need for ABAP development & debugging.

    Best regards,

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    • Hi, Armin!

      - Photon: I can wait! :-)

      - temporary: I use the Stacks-view, but once in a while I want a bigger editor / debugger - window, so I would gladly minimize the Stacks for this. The same with the Outline: is very useful, but once in a while I rather want to see more columns in the Table Data view.

      - switching back from debug by pressing the ABAP perspective button top right: I've found this too. What I still don't know how is what to do if I want to cancel the debugging-session and come back to the normal ABAP perspective. Any hint?

      - 34"?! curved?! are you kidding?! :-) (I'm happy that I can use a 23" external monitor and not being cramped with the 15" of my work-laptop!)

      - would you mind sharing a screenshot of your custom perspective - just for inspiration?

      Thanks again!