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Jan 20, 2018 at 08:07 AM

SAP FI ... Why we should ticket the check box negative allowed

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Dear Team,

Case history:- My client purchased a asset in current FY 2017 with document date 30.11.2017 and posting date 08/1/2018. Now he realised that it was wrongly posted and wanted to reverse the transaction on 19/1/2018 through MR8M system is throwing error

" Acquisition value negative in area 30 " . Now i found the solution to rectify this error by selecting check box in asset master. But my question is why we should select this option and reason behind it.

I observed that Book depreciation is in INR local currency and 30 Book depreciation in GBP.

Asset cost lets say 2lac INR and he wants to reverse the same amount 2lac. Depreciation is not yet run. The asset was booked through PO I also observed there is no exchange rate difference while reversing the invoice. Team i just need to know reason for selecting negative check box allow so that i can check the configuration or anything i missed out why system is throwing this error there would be some reason why system is checking but i am unable to figure out that gap through my analysis.