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RFC dialog processes

WHile connecting to RFC using nco connector from .NET it is creating dialogue process. so we have 25 parallel program to run from SAP dashboard which calls 25 times .NET api and creates connection with SAP system. while calling RFC it is creating 25 dialogue user in SAP system which creates bottleneck in SAP and causing performance issue. is there a way I can call RFC from .NET using nco connector without creating a dialogue user in SAP? please provide some solution on this else we are not able to move our code to other environment.

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  • The right term to use is "occupying a dialog workprocess", not "creating a dialogue user".

  • I've fixed the subject. Sundaram Das, please make the effort to use the correct terminology. Precision and accuracy are important in development.

  • Former Member Matthew Billingham

    Hey Matthew, I am not a SAP guy so don't know about any terminology just hearing from my colleagues while integrating SAP data transaction with .NET Application and try to replicating the same words here. I am sorry if i create any confusion here.

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5 Answers

  • Jan 23, 2018 at 12:48 AM

    Hi Sundaram

    When using .NET you are using RFC? did you try with SOAp as well does it work the same way

    To understand your integration better you are trying to call the SAP systems 25 times and each time you need a different user ? Can you not use the same user when calling the system.

    I am not so sure why you need so many users. When a RFC call is done from the external system it can be called multiple times with the same user do you have an issue doing that ? Read this link here;

    Did you try the Asynchronous Methods as mentioned here;

    Pl advise more details and review the links to check if its helpful



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    • find the documentation is quite misleading here they mentioned Communication user type is meant for dialogue free external RFC call but still it creates dialogue process.

      Not really, you are simply reading into it a meaning that isn't there. All it means a comms user type is not for logging in.

  • Jan 19, 2018 at 10:31 PM

    Why can't you just limit the number of calls at the same time, by your program?

    Did you analyze why there is a "bottleneck" issue? (that's weird, for only 25 calls... or did I not understand?)

    Otherwise, ask the system administrator if he/she can do something about your issue.

    PS: You are just experiencing the DoS attacks, but you do them from the inside :)

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    • Former Member Matthew Billingham

      I am not SAP person i am trying to do integration SAP and .NET. So i am using Nco connector to call RFC from .NET but as per the our Admins if we can RFC from external system it will create dialogue process and we have near about 25 .NET API scheduled. What they are thinking is if these 25 interfaces triggered in same time then it will create 25 dialogue process and also we have lots of user who can login to SAP system so it may cause ending up with lots of dialogue process and which creates bottleneck/performance issue in SAP system. That is why they are sugeesting not to call RFC from .NET better use BODS and directly read the data from SAP tables.

  • Jan 20, 2018 at 09:53 AM
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    • Former Member

      HI Horst,

      i have checked with my admin team and i found they set the dialogue process count as 19. SO they mentioned BODS use background worker process so we have to use BODS as this is approved by SAP. So is there a way i can call RFC from .NET without creating dialogue process. They mentioned we can't use NCO Connector to call RFC's as it creates dialogue process also RFC's are not meant for bulk data transaction.

  • Jan 31, 2018 at 11:19 AM

    I think you need to look beyond just RFC and BODS. The scenario you describe is a piece of cake. Right now I'm sitting on a development system with 80 dialog processes available. I've worked on systems processing 1000's of RFCs per second.

    Firstly, an RFC call should be short and simple. Otherwise look at asynchronous designs, batching whatever you're doing into one call, or maybe it's a bottleneck in your code.

    It seems strange to me that SAP calls something external that does an RFC call back to the same system, something smells fishy and it has nothing to do with RFC.

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    • I think you should get an expert in. Seriously.

      Not a third party software expert who should by the sounds of it stick to what he knows, but someone with the SAP technical know how. This is not something that should be solved over the internet, so please look either within your company or else get an outside consultant in for a day or two. It will be cheaper in the long run.

  • Jan 31, 2018 at 02:00 PM

    As I understand this question, there's a .net app that has 25 possible calls into SAP. Each interface does something difference. The admin team are worried that if all 25 are called at once, there will be a performance issue.

    Frankly, unless each process is doing a huge amount of work, it's unlikely to cause a performance hit at all. 25 users logging on at once? There are systems without thousands of dialog processes which have thousands of users logged in at a time.

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