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Difference between BOL and BOPF?

Jan 19 at 08:24 PM


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Hello everyone,

I'm quite confused as I don’t really understand the difference between BOL/GENIL and BOPF. I couldn’t find any source where the differences are explained.

Yes, I know that the BOL/GENIL Framework originally was created for CRM and then got adopted by other components like e.g. HCM.

The BOPF Framework was originally created for Business By Design and then got adopted by other components like e.g. SRM.

The transactions to maintain/create/extend each of them are totally different, the paradigm looks quite the same to me. So, is one of this framework’s outdated and will be replaced by the other one or are they gone coexist in the future?

If I read the latest blogs about SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.52 I see things like: “Interactive SAP Fiori apps with draft handling - Starting with this release, you can build more complex transactional SAP Fiori apps using the CDS-based BOPF framework for the transactional and draft handling.”

So does this means BOPF is the better choice? In the SAP Gateway Service Builder I can use both Framework’s for redefining a Gateway project. Is the draft handling only gone be available for BOPF?

Questions over questions, I hope there is help out there

Many thanks in advance.


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Domi Bigl Jan 20 at 09:21 AM


You are completely right! BOL and BOPF are two different implementations of the same concept: A generic and unified access to (business) objects.

While BOL/GenIL is mainly used in CRM WebUI, BOPF has become a main part in the S/4 Hana programming model (ABAP programming model).

So, if you implement a solution from scratch, do it with BOPF (and CDS) - and put some BOL/GenIL on top, if necessary, e.g. for WebUI. There is also an adapter for this. And as far as I know, SAP will integrate CRM into S/4, or at least some parts of it, but BOL/GenIL will be available.

I think you can still use BOL without BOPF but since also the standard CRM Gateway Services are not based on BOL (and not on BOPF either) you should do new impelementations based on the new ABAP programming model - to be ready for the future!

But the next gen is already around the corner - BDL! I didn't find any information about this yet, but this may be the next step.



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Hi Dominik,

many thanks to your quick and detailed answer. As I'm an HCM developer I'm not to concerned about CRM, but as HCM adopted the CRM BOL Framework I used CRM as an example.

I hope SAP is converting the BOL Framework to BOPF or even to the upcoming BDL Framework you

mentioned. With the notification of last week that SAP is developing a new HCM which will be available 2023 I think the might go straight to BDL.

Again, many thanks to you, I really appreciate.

Best regards




I use WebUI only in CRM, so I used this as example.

I also hope that BDL (or whatever it will be or be called) will become that one consistent BO framework for nearly all SAP products. But as we learned from the past, there are different teams, opinions, managers,... and therefore different implementations for the same thing.

Maybe there is a similar thread in 2-3 years or at least 2023 about BOPF and BDL.

Thank you and see you in 2023 ;)