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HowTo use SAP Fiori for iOS icons?

Jan 19 at 01:54 PM


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I just wonder, what is the support in the SDK (or the resulting XCode project) for the icon sets designed by SAP Fiori for iOS?

How do I practically embed them in my project?

The ones, that be downloaded here: SAP Fiori for iOS Stencils – Regular

are ".sketch" files? How can they be used (app?)

The download link of the Zip-File on

is broken.

Generally some supporting remarks on how to embed these icons into the Xcode project would be appreciated.

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Florian Pfeffer
Jan 20 at 07:19 AM

Hi Steffen,

the Stencils are "just" for designer to create app mockups. etc.

The SAPFiori Framework of the SDK includes the Icons. You only have to embeed the SAPFiori Framework binary into your app project and then you can access the icons with the FUIIconLibrary enum (which is available since v2 of the SDK; in v1 of the SDK you have to to the suff which provides the enum now by yourself).


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Hello Florian,

many thanks, I got it to work!

Somehow it was not clear to me from the documentation, that was available.

I am specifically referring to the SAP Fiori Mentor App on the iPad as well as

Maybe, this implementation related information could be added to these otherwise very valuable resources?

Kind regards,


P.S.: The email address for requesting new icons is seemingly not a valid email address:

Steffen, thanks for your improvement suggestions; will forward this to the respective teams.