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SAP Design Studio Cross Tab Linking

Jan 19 at 09:50 AM


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We are using SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP5 Patch 3.

I have created the following application that shows the number of open incidents from within our incident reporting system.

• The application has a bar chart and a crosstab based on data sources from a .unx Business Objects universe.
• If the user clicks on a summary column in the bar chart it refreshes and displays details of all the open incidents in the crosstab for that summary.
• The data source that returns the details for the crosstab also returns an incident Description object/dimension that is not displayed in the crosstab. This is not displayed in the crosstab as the description can sometimes contain a large number of characters. Due to this I would like the description to be displayed in the area I have highlighted in yellow within the application screenshot.
• Some points to note:
o The Description is a dimension within the data source.
o I only want one description displayed at a time. This will be the description of the incident selected by the user in the crosstab.
o It will refresh if the user selects another incident.
o As the description can be long I want it to word wrap within the component.
What would be the best component to achieve the aims above?
What would be the best way to populate the component?

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Hi - is there any chance you could share some screen shots so the community can better assist you? Use the image icon to upload. Additionally, please share version/SP of BI platform you are using (e.g. BI4.2 SP05)

Thank you


Attached the image

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1 Answer

Arijit Das Jan 22 at 07:24 AM
  • You can use a TEXT component to show the description. Use the css below to enable word-wrap:
word-wrap: break-word;
/* To enable scroll, uncomment the line below */
/* overflow: scroll !important; */
  • Make sure you have added description object in the initial view and set Member-Display option to no display.

  • Then use the script below at on-select event of the crosstab:
var _selectedDesc = CROSSTAB_1.getSelectedMember("<Object ID for Description>").text;

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