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Portal Integration

We have Web dynpro application without portal integration, which has 4 views for specific task. We have links in left hand side to call each views.

To integrate with portal, we now had to create different application for all 4 views so in navigation we can have different portal links for each view.

Problem is, now every time we click to different links in portal to open views, its initiate component controller and having huge performance issue.

Is there any way, we can stop multiple initialization of comp controller and irrespective of link clicked in portal should work in same session.

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  • May 14, 2008 at 08:34 PM

    Not really. As soon as you have created the 4 separate applications for the views they are REALLY separate. Each application has its own lifetime and session state. As soon as the navigation occurs from one application to another, the session management will perform the cleanup. As far as the runtime is concerned these separate iViews have no relationship to one another and therefore normal session cleanup should occur.

    If all the views are closely connected, perhaps it isn't a bad idea to have them all within the same application and perform the navigation within the same component. It would remove some of the flexibilty of controlling the navigation via the portal, but it isn't unheard of. Otherwise you will have to explore alternatives - like caching data in server cookies or shared memory. But this will require some research to see exactly what is the cause of the large startup (data access at the model level or the popuplation of the context itself).

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    • Well, what I did in a previous project was this:

      I had on WD component which could be accessed by customers (external portal) and employers. So I created TWO applications for this, both with parameter TYPE (one for CUSTOMER and one for EMPLOYEE). In the first window of the WD, I determined the import parameter TYPE. Based on the type, I navigated to VIEW X or VIEW Y.

      So in the portal, the user enters the start (first) screen in which navigation is displayed via links at the top of the screen (standard portal navigation). The first time the user clicks on the link (application Link), the type could be determined in the WD Window.

      The (customer) data which was retrieved in this first application (no matter which application was called / executed) was available to the rest of the applications (also from other WD components).

      I know this is not exactly the same, but maybe you can find a solution like wise. Good luck with that.