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Set data source filter based on secondary dimension

Jan 18 at 09:37 PM


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New to Design Studio trying to get a multiple data source filter working.

One data source is a list of people and corresponding units (departments).

JOE 100

JOHN 105

Other data sources need to use the department as a filter but the user would select the person not the department. I have a drop down for the person selection but how do I translate that to the other dimension (department) to use as a filter for the datasources?

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2 Answers

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Mustafa Bensan Jan 20 at 12:57 AM

Hi Natalie,

Unfortunately, you cannot achieve your requirement directly with standard Design Studio functionality. One workaround I can suggest is to use the Community SDK Data Iterator component. Under this approach you would populate your drop down list via scripting by iterating through the data source and setting the value of each drop down item to the Unit/Department dimension and the text to the Person dimension. Then when a dropdown item is selected, you would get the Value of the item to apply as the filter for the target data source.

If you upgrade to Lumira Designer 2.1, data iteration is part of the standard functionality.



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Thanks for the info, I sort of suspected that was the case. I'll look into upgrading to 2.1.

Tammy Powlas
Jan 18 at 10:05 PM

Natalie, what is your data source? If it is a BEx query then you could look at report to report interface - see this blog

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Unfortunately not a BEX query, it's a universe.