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Jan 18, 2018 at 03:54 PM

Intercompany invocie is only getting created for first materials.


Hello All ,

Please see the details of the issue

Issue- When we are creating invoice(IY-Internal credit memo) with respect to return delivery,System is only creating invoice for 1st material. It is giving error that material data is not fully maintained for sales org.and distribution channel. However materials master data is fully maintained and system is giving issue every time for the first material even if we interchange the position of materials. This is basically triangular billing scenario.

The document flow is like:

Return order-Return delivery- Intercompany invoice- and credit for reference. Sales org A is creating return sales order for Sales org B. Sales org A is creating the return delivery for Sales org B..and then Sales org B is creating credit memo for sales org A. and finally Sales org A is creating return invoice for customer.

However in sales order- Sales org A(plant B)

Delivery- Sales org A(plant B)

Invoice- Sales org B, Plant B .