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Decimal places of custom calculation

Jan 18 at 03:20 PM


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Dear Experts,

I am using SAP design studio 1.6 and Bex query as a data source. I have a data source which has some measures, say A, B, C.

In Edit initial view of the data source (Design studio interface), I calculated sum (S) of the three measures (S = A + B + C). I did this by selecting the three provided measures, right clicking and using the “Add” function.

After this, I selected A and S , right clicked and selected “Percentage Share” to find the Percentage (P) of “A”. This gave me the percentage up to three decimal places. I want to set P up to one decimal place. When I right click P, there is no option of “Decimal Places”.

I have to display the P column” (Percentage of A) in a crosstab up to one Decimal place.

How can I achieve this? DO I need to write some scripts?

Please help. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


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Hi - would you please share version/SP of Design Studio you are using?


Hi Tammy,

I am using Design Studio 1.6, SP 5


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1 Answer

Arijit Das Jan 19 at 05:45 AM

I also have DS 1.6 SP5 and I can see the decimal places option:


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Thanks Arijit,

If you Right click on S -> Add Dynamic Calculation ->Percentage Contribution and calculate Percenatge say P.

Now if you right click P, there won't be an option for "Decimal Places".

Appreciate your help!!!!



I am able to reproduce the scenario. Looks like it is a behavior by design. I have not tried the same in Lumira 2.1 yet, but I think you can raise an idea for the same.