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The meaning of RABAX

Jan 18 at 01:09 PM


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I was a little amused at language used in note 1680814. It talks about "In transaction ST22, search for rabaxes that occurred at the same time. In the rabaxes, you now have to try..."

Most of us know that RABAX is web-speak for dump, because that's how a dump appears in the browser. But what does the term actually mean, is it an abbreviation or acronym of something? Is this a start of a global renaming of our beloved "dump"?

A bit of googling tells me it's an SAP term, not used anywhere else.

So can anyone enlighten me?

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Sandra Rossi Jan 18 at 02:42 PM

  • "Rabax (Runtime ABAP Exit) is an internal SAP term describing a program crash after a runtime error. The corresponding ABAP kernel module, also called Rabax, performs the necessary tasks after the internal session closes and creates the associated short dump."
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Silly me, didn't search in the 7.52 documentation that hasn't even been indexed on Google or internal SAP search yet...

Thanks :-)


I added that term not too long ago. Unfortunately, the English translation is not as precise as the German original.

"hasn't even been indexed on Google or internal SAP search yet".

That's why I implemented its own search. For Google I tried, but somehow it doesn't work out. For SAP search, it isn't a first class citizen. In fact it's more kind of a private hobby.


I know, it's not even in 7.51 :)

Because we don't see it in the usual ABAP working environments (SapGUI / Eclipse), I always thought it was a web-platform thing. It's only when the note talked about searching for rabaxes I started to wonder.


In fact, nobody from SAP should use the term rabax in public, lol. We from ABAP use it only as internal slang.


Only SAP internal and end users.

Whenever a WDA app dumps users see RABAX_STATE and therefore they (at least ones I've worked with) tend to call it rabax errors because end users don't like error numbers. 500 Internal server error? Yeuch!